Josh Long

Navigating the regulatory environment of dietary supplements and conventional foods can be a challenging task especially since different countries’ legal requirements vary. Josh Long gives natural products brands the skinny on laws governing foods and supplements. Josh started with VIRGO (now Informa Exhibitions) in 2010, and began working on INSIDER in 2012. Email him at josh.long@informa.com, and connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Ad Agency Settles FTC, Maine AG Complaint
Rachel Adams

From inflammation to brain health, testing methods to product development, and everything in-between, Supplement Perspectives provides compelling conversation around key topics relevant to dietary supplements, led by industry experts. Leave comments to join the conversation, or send comments to Rachel Adams, managing editor, at rachel.adams.us@informa.com, and connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Is JAMA Meta-Analysis Finding No Fracture Risk Benefit from Vitamin D, Calcium Supplementation the Final Word?
Judie Bizzozero

Why just eat a piece of chocolate when you could eat chocolate with added probiotics? Why drink a regular glass of milk when you could opt for milk with added DHA omega-3? Today’s consumers are seeking out foods and beverages that not only taste good, but also pack a powerful punch of added nutrition, and it’s up to product developers to meet those demands. In this blog, Managing Editor Judie Bizzozero explores science-based ingredients, processes and trends that impact food and beverage development on a global level. Contact Judie at judie.bizzozero@informa.com and connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Food Commodity Prices Rise 8.2% in 2017
Steve Myers

Athletes often look to nutrition to help them increasing muscle mass, recovery, speed or body composition. In the Sports Nutrition Blog, senior editor Steve Myers follows trends in the sports nutrition space including innovative ingredients, the latest research and regulatory happenings. Steve Myers first entered the natural products industry and VIRGO (now Informa Exhibitions) in 1997 and currently lives outside of Washington D.C. Email Steve at steve.myers@informa.com, and connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

'Doctor' Tony Huge: Brand Ambassador or Founder/Boss of Enhanced Athlete?
Rachel Adams

From new cosmeceuticals to trends in consumer data on personal care products, managing editor Rachel Adams discusses interesting developments in the natural skin care and cosmetic categories. Contact her at rachel.adams.us@informa.com.

Study: Ingestible Skin Care Goes Mainstream
Sandy Almendarez

The health and nutrition industry increasingly thrives in a borderless market where research, innovation and regulation in one part of the world affects the entire supply chain. In the Global Evolutions Blog, Sandy Almendarez, editor in chief, tackles big-picture topics that spur evolution in the industry. Sandy entered the natural products industry in 2009 when she joined VIRGO (now Informa Exhibitions). Email Sandy at sandy.almendarez@informa.com, and connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Exploring Natural Ingredients in China
Courtney Johnson

Assistant editor Courtney Johnson posts the top news in the natural products industry from new product launches, research results and company actions so brands can stay on top of trends that affect the way they do business. Contact her at courtney.johnson@informa.com.

Survey Suggests Nutrition Industry Has Positive Outlook Despite Political Uncertainty